18 March 2021

Customer Experience

Digital technology and online media have changed consumers’ behavior and demand. SCG is committed to driving the organization to ensure its competitiveness in this new landscape, and striving to be the top brand customers think about. We apply SCG Marketing Way to strengthen our relationship with the customer and consumer, and to deliver experience creatively.


  • SCG is the first brand that consumers think of whenever they want products and services in the same group that SCG is operating.
  • Increase revenue from products and services sales on the basis of a strong relationship between the brand and customers.
  • 94% satisfaction received from customers satisfaction survey from all operations.


  1. Foster B2B collaboration, leading to stronger (B2B2C)
    Foster cooperation and trust with B-2-B group in developing new products and services responsive to the consumer’s needs. Share and exchange knowledge in two-way communications through seminars and workshops.
  2. Engaging with the consumer (B2C)
    Create direct experiences with products and services that are linked and connected across all channels online, shop fronts, or point of sales to bring about maximum satisfaction for the customer. Focus on giving honest and accurate information to the proper target segments. Open to feedback from the customer to improve and enhance products and services.

Actions in 2020

Online Channels for Customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

SCG continues to develop its online stores and service platforms in response to customer behavioral changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has been a catalyst for Thais to do more online activities including communication and online transactions. Therefore, SCG aims to develop digital platforms to sell products, services and solutions to gain a competitive edge in the market and to deliver the best experiences to its customers.

SCG Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused more people to work from home; thus, the need to improve their homes arises. Under these circumstances, SCG has launched its Active OMNI-Channel retail stores called SCG Home as another sales and services channel for home and living solutions (website:, Facebook page: SCGHomeOfficial and other online channels). This channel offers a wide range of home and construction products, services, and solutions to cater to the needs of customers for their home construction, repairs, renovation, decoration needs, as well as complete homebuilding solutions. SCG Home is linked to the Design Connext and Q-Chang platforms which are used to search for designers and experienced technicians. It also connects to the SCG EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL STORE ( where customers can view all products virtually instead of visiting a physical storefront.

i2P Virtual Tour

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers may not be able to travel and study business innovations from Chemicals Business at the i2P center. So, we have developed the i2P Virtual Tour to give our customers a virtual experience. This helps promote the New Normal and supports physical distancing.

Paper Waste Collection

Increased online purchases have created more packaging waste. Packaging Business therefore has cooperated with many organizations including Thai Post Company Limited, Sansiri Public Company Limited, etc., to collect packaging waste from consumers and recycle them into new paper products. This activity helps promote a sustainable environment for consumers.

Fest Shop

Demand for food packaging from restaurant operators has increased due to higher numbers of food delivery orders during COVID-19. Packaging Business, therefore, has opened the e-commerce website for our business customers to choose and buy food-safe packaging fast and easy. We also recommend Fest packaging stores for these restaurant operators around their neighborhood as well as recommend the restaurants where Fest-food packaging is used for customers.

Customer Satisfaction