13 June 2018

Customer Experience

Customer needs are varied and diverse, and must be responded fully and properly. Online social media has become the customers’ most favorite platform to communicate and share feedback on products and services. Digital technology has important role for business.

SCG aim to be a truly customer-centric organization, by engaging closely and consistently to analyze diverse needs of the customer, and consequently advancing our own capacity to meet those needs. We work with two categories of clients: Business-to-Business, and Business-to-Consumers. SCG has developed a marketing approach of B2B2C — SCG Marketing Way: Building Trusted Innovation. That is, we build the trust of all sectors on our products and services that focus on fostering innovation for quality of life and sustainable development.



  • SCG is the first brand that consumers think of whenever they want products and services in the same group that SCG is operating.
  • Increase revenue from products and services sales on the basis of a strong relationship between the brand and customers.



  1. Engage with B-2-B group for B-2-C Group

Foster cooperation and trust with B-2-B group in developing new products and services responsive to the consumer’s needs. Share and exchange knowledge in two-way communications through seminars and workshops.

  1. Engage with the Consumer Group

Create direct experiences with products and services that are linked and connected across all channels online, shop fronts, or point of sales to bring about maximum satisfaction for the customer. Focus on giving honest and accurate information to the proper target segments. Open to feedback from the customer to improve and enhance products and services.


Actions in 2017

  • SCG Roof Experience Thailand Roof Destination 2017

SCG organized a Thailand Roof Destination 2017 project on the 3rd floor of the SCG Experience Building to display product samples in a full range of over 100 varieties that differ in materials, model, design, and pricing range. Customers are also able to compare property that is different from one model to another. In addition, they can receive advisory services on design, beauty, roof construction with different types of load resisting materials, use of insulation, ventilation, tiling, canopy, gutter and provisional estimate of construction cost. SCG also provides new roofing installation services to customers.

Moreover, Mobility Roof Assistant is the application built by SCG to serve as a tool to assist sales staff at branches or for agents to be able to access very quickly all data relating to roofs. Quick product searches as driven by the customer’s interests, be it on the basis of material, design, color, or price, Video presentation via Apps will enable customers to see more clearly how products are used, installation steps, ventilation or testing of products.

  • Chatbot

SCG has developed the artificial intelligence technology for automated answers, Chatbot. We used FAQs from SCG Contact Center to construct a database to provide answers accurately. Customers can type the query about the product details, shops, etc. and the system can pinpoint the location and use other APPs to direct customers to the exact location. It can also provide service seamlessly by conducting referrals to service agents to take care of customers insights or making an appointment to see the product. Chatbot is available 24/7 and therefore most efficient in responding to consumers’ needs.

  • Pre-professional & Academic Community

SCG Product Experience with the Faculty of Architecture project aims to deliver the experience of using SCG products. We cooperate with the Architecture Faculty of universities in organizing knowledge sessions to students on selection of materials for modelling of building design, building materials in real life situations, and we support students’ projects with materials. These actions are intended to build good relations between SCG and experts, and to create brand recognition of SCG.


SCG Marketing Way

SCG Marketing Way, launched in 2014, consists of three main concepts – Innovation, Better Living and Sustainable Development, compatible with the Principles of Sufficiency Economy in aspects of operations.

  • Moderation, this is marketing in moderation, not oriented towards maximum profit, but responsible to the economic, social and environmental well-being, for the sake of sustainable balance, optimization of management and resource usage.
  • Reasonableness and Prudence by developing innovation of new products and services or improving from existing ones to respond to customer needs and sustainably raise quality of living.

SCG Marketing Way does not seek to measure results on the basis of profit or maximum customer satisfaction. Rather the aim is to foster trust and confidence among stakeholders of product and service innovation under the SCG brand – Building Trusted Innovation with the following four strategies:

  • Know the Truth: specialize, study, research and manage all knowledge
  • Do the Right: do the right thing, develop the right product and service
  • Say the Fact: talk straight facts, do not overstate and target the right segments
  • Share for the Better: exchange and share knowledge.

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