31 May 2018

SCG eco value

The key important strategy to continually increase the capability of the business is to create SCG eco value products and services throughout the supply chain focuses on the research and development from green procurement, green manufacturing, transportation, usage and waste disposal.


  • Increase the sale of SCG eco value products and services to 44% of total revenue from sales in 2018

SCG eco value is a self-declared eco-label of SCG to ensure its environmentally-friendly products and services, which is one tool that SCG uses to communicate a product’s environmental friendliness to the stakeholders that are able to choose the products and services concerning to environmental care.

SCG is also the first organization in Thailand to have a self-declared environmental labeling of its products and services under the “SCG eco value” label since 2009. The employed criteria are in accordance with the ISO 14021 standard, Environmental Labels and Declaration-Self-Declared Environmental Claims (Type II Environmental Labeling), in parallel with the needs of stakeholders and analysis of the product life cycle including product design, reduction in raw material, energy and water consumption during production and use, the use of renewable materials and energy, recyclability, waste reduction, and emission of greenhouse gases. A Technical Team has been appointed for considering the labeling of SCG eco value products to ensure their reliability and increase consumer’s confidence.