4 May 2021

Product Stewardship

SCG places full emphasis on creating and developing well-being and environmentally friendly products, services and solutions to meet consumers’ needs with the responsibility under the Circular Economy principle.

Product Service and Solution process

SCG has integrated product and service safety policy in a part of Quality Management System that is in conformance to product liability and monitor the effectiveness of the implementation by the Quality Management Review Committee in each company. The Systemic implementation cover the product hazard analysis (PHA) as a whole life cycle from production, transportation, storage, use and disposal in order to prevent defects in the product design, production process and preparation of warning labels according to international standards to be more effective.

Product Service and Solution process
Example of product hazaed analytsis


SCG has handling complaints management measures, incident investigation and emergency response are also undertaken to practice in order to promptly and effectively response to the needs of customers and consumers. In addition, SCG also provides training program to employees and relevant stakeholders on a regular basis and the effectiveness of the implementation is assessed through ISO 9001 internal and external audits continuously. In 2020, 99% subsidiaries have been certified for Quality Management System.

Moreover, SCG has also implemented Product program are includes services and solutions covering Environment Health and Safety that responds to consumer needs as way to create business opportunities under SCG Green Choice label as well.

SCG prioritizes leadership in innovation and in development of products, services and solutions that meet the needs of customer, enhance better living, reduce resource use and energy consumption, while seeking the minimization of emissions and waste in line with the Circular Economy principles.


  • To achieve two-third or 66.7% of total revenue from sales from SCG Green Choice products and services in 2030.
  • To achieve one-third or 33.3% of total revenue from sales from SCG Green Choice – eco use products and services in 2030.


  1. Develop products, services and solutions that meet consumer’s needs, enhance well-being, taking into account the impact of climate change and the Circular Economy principles.
  2. Develop business processes throughout the value chain according to the international standards.
  3. Innovation-oriented approach in the development of products, services and solutions to generate new business opportunities.
  4. Consider the impact of product, services and solutions on environment and product safety throughout its life cycle.


  1. Use innovation and digital technology to enhance efficiency of products development and to reduce cost.
  2. Apply Circular Economy as a guiding principles in maximizing resource use, reducing energy and water consumption and waste.
  3. Review Capital Expenditures in products and services development to transform with speed.
  4. Apply eco-design principles to anticipate and minimize negative environmental impact of new products and services development from the design stage, manufacturing, packing, using and disposing of products and services.

Key Performance 2020

  • 32.6% of revenue from sales of SCG Green Choice products and services
  • 2.3 % of revenue from sales of SCG Green Choice – eco use products and services
  • 94 products with SCG Green Choice label

Revernue from Sales of SCG Green Choice

Certified Environmentally

Key Highlights

  • Smart Mobile Medication Cart
    • Chemicals Business in collaboration with BDMS Group invested in R&D of Smart Mobile Medication Cart to support medical professionals’ task of dispensing prescription medication to patients in hospital rooms.
    • The Smart Mobile Medication Cart is operated by a close-loop medication regime to deliver prescription drug directly to patient, as directed by connected database.
    • Secured compartments within the smart medication cart require patient identity verification scan to unlock, along with a range of other verification systems to ensure precision and prevent mistakes.
  • Digital Reliability Platform
    • The Platform collects data and performs real-time performance monitoring of plant equipment. Data collected are used for planning, analysis, processed by the like of Big Data, AI, 3D Virtual Plant among others.
  • Packaging Solutions for Keeping Fresh Produce Longer
    • OptiBreath keeps the freshness and natural taste of fruits and vegetables with innovation to control breathability quality which help to optimize the respiration rate of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • OptiSorb is a key aide to entrepreneur as OptiSorb in fruits and vegetables container helps slow down the repining process during long distance transportation.