31 May 2018

Sustainable Products and Services

Dramatic changes in the development of technologies prominently affect people’s lifestyles, resulting in behavioral shifts as consumers demand new products and services that are creatively response to their lifestyle. They seek more comfortable and better quality of life. Moreover, they are more conscious about health, wellness, and the environment.

SCG focuses on the development of products and services that meet the needs of specific consumer groups, harnessing innovation and information technology as tools to develop products and services to deliver maximum benefits to the customers, while also expand sales and distribution channels to deliver goods and services, in the country and in ASEAN.


  • Increase the sale of SCG eco value products and services to 44% of total revenue from sales in 2018
  • Increase the sale of High-Value Added products and services (HVA) to 50% of total revenue from sales.
  • Within 2018, all Business Units must conduct the product and service liability assessment cover all companies.


 1. Develop products and services that meet the consumer’s needs

Analyze and assess market demand, as well as the emerging social trends toward aging society, prioritizing home improvement and well-being to respond the diverse needs of consumers, and focus on the integrated development as solutions rather than stand-alone product selling.

 2. Innovate sustainable products and services

Research and development of products and services whose quality is improved upon their predecessor, with technologies and innovations that add high value and are friendly to health and environment, which are commercially viable, and add more variety products in  response to the customer’s lifestyle.

 3. Develop the standard for environmentally friendly products and services

Develop environmentally friendly products and services under a self-declaration system with the SCG eco value label, and seek certification from credible and competent certification bodies on environmental standards. In addition, SCG has expanded its business to construction advisory services in compliance with international standards. These include the “Green Building” standard, according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and Thai’s Rating for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (TREES).

4. Raise the safety standard of products and services

SCG has consistently conducted assessments of the product and service liability management system. The coverage has been expanded so that ultimately all subsidiaries within SCG are able to conduct products safety management system on their own, to ensure delivery of safe products to the customers.

2017 Performance

81 products and services were certified under the SCG eco value label, contributing to 185.16 billion baht or 41 percent of revenue from sales.

Labels for eco products and services that are certified by reliable national and international organizations. These labels include Green Label, Carbon Reduction Label, Carbon Footprint Label, High-Efficiency Label, Environment Choice Label, and EU Flower Label.

With 4.18 billion baht invested in continual research and development, SCG earned up to 39 percent of Revenue from sales from High Value Added Products and Services (HVA). However, the set targets were not achieved. Therefore, SCG has increased budget for research and development in order to push forward more sales to achieve set targets.

SCG Corporate Office has continually monitored and assessed product and service liability in all business units through assessment programs since 2013. Up until today, the assessment accounted for 100% of business units that implemented the system.

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