6 May 2021

Innovation and Technology

SCG aims at nimble adaptability by fostering collaboration with external partners, expanding investment in startups and in new business model at global level with the objective of adopting knowledge from outside to expedite and enhance its in-house innovation and technology adoption, to prepare us as change leader.


  • To achieve 50% of High Value Added Products and Services of total revenue from sales.


  1. Adopt digital technology as tool to enhance efficiency in business operation, product development, logistics and customer service.
  2. Expand investment in R&D, innovation of new business models with new processes and tools.
  3. Step up collaboration with external partners and research institutions to support innovation and technology development constructively.
  4. Promote a culture of innovation within the workforce where employees constitute creative force in generating new business.
  5. Apply circular economy principles to drive innovation and new business model.


  1. SCG Innovation Committee steers the direction of innovation, and promotes culture of innovation and technology.
  2. Develop innovation incubation process through Innovation Management System.

Key Performance

  • 31.5% of HVA products and services of total revenue from sales

Key Highlights

  • SCG-CAS ICCB Innovation Hub
    • SCG and China Academy of Sciences co-founded SCG-CAS ICCB Innovation Hub to promote collaboration in technology transfer, facilitate investment in science and tech fund with strong commercialization prospect in China, and to strengthen network between Thai and Chinese researchers in knowledge exchange and access to technology rights. The five focus industries of the Hub are Smart City, AI and Robotics, High-Value Chemicals, New Energy Business, Environment and Sustainability.
  • Nexter Ventures Investing in Drugstore Startup
    • Nexter Ventures under Cement-Building Materials Business is a startup fund seeking opportunities worldwide focusing on construction technology, logistics as well as health and wellness. In 2020, it joined with Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) in mobilizing funding to invest in Arincare, a Thai startup on drugstore man agement system as part of the drive in Thailand’s national Health Tech Ecosystem.
  • AddVentures Expands Investment in the US
    • AddVentures by SCG, a venture capital fund, continued to explore new investment opportunities in high-growth tech sector worldwide. In 2020, it invested in one additional fund: SVB Capital, bringing to date a total of five funds. It acquired stakes directly in four startup companies namely Janio, Printerous, TaniHub and Bizongo, bringing total to date investment in 16 companies.
  • Ignitor Project to Accelerate Connecting SCG and Startup
    • Over 300 companies within SCG are pursuing Research and Development (R&D) to enhance organizational efficiency. In view of this, SCG set up Ignitor Project to connect between SCG and technology developed by startups. Ignitor will analyze problems and needs of individual business unit, and explore technology available globally appropriate for adoption and extension, to expedite and optimize outcome of SCG’s in-house R&D.
  • Roots into FLY
    • The Internal Startup HATCH-WALK-FLY project supports SCG staffs to develop new business models. In 2020, one more startup originated from this process entered into the stage of FLY, gearing up for growth. Roots is platform for procurement of industrial goods, bringing to a total of six business startups in FLY stage to date.
  • Intellectual Property Champion
    • SCG is committed to intellectual property as its business strategy for over a decade, in aspects covering IP Ideation, IP Protection and IP Commercialization to generate innovation, new products and services in response to what consumers want. To date, SCG has filed for over 2,500 cases of patent, petty patent, and product design patent, of which 789 are enforceable patents.