31 May 2018

Energy and Climate Change


By 2020, reduce GHG emissions per production unit by 10 percent from the base year of 2007.


Mitigate impact of fossil fuel use

Implement mitigation measures starting from the stage of sourcing, storage, transport and use of fossil fuel, to mitigate risk and impact on the community and environment. To achieve air and water pollution emission levels that are better than the legal threshold and in conformity with international industry standards.

Increase energy efficiency

Improve or replace equipment to increase energy efficiency, explore ways to recover excess energy in the production process to reuse in order to reduce fuel use and cut GHG emissions.

Increase the proportion of alternative energy usage

Research and develop the technology of alternative energy for industrial machines, increase the proportion of alternative energy in various forms including biomass, industrial waste, municipal solid waste, solar, biogas.

Generate products and services that reduce GHG emissions

Develop products and services that help reduce GHG emissions, from the stage of production, transportation to the use of the product, and support the carbon footprint certification of products.

Promote staff awareness on the energy conservation

Support and enhance knowledge and awareness among the workforce through a series of activities across the organization, to the extent to the individual, acting on it and sharing it with colleagues and family.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


  • Regarding the energy use in 2017, SCG’s total energy use is 183.5 petajoules. We were able to reduce energy use by 8.4% against BAU, with the proportion of alternative energy use at 10.5%.
  • For GHG emissions, in 2017, SCG managed to reduce emissions by 1.92 million tons, equivalent to 7.5% reduction against BAU. The GHG emissions reduction progressed from 2016 about 0.11 million tons.


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