31 May 2018

Material Use and Waste Management

SCG applies the principle of 3Rs –Reduction, Reuse/Recycle and Replenish throughout the supply chain with the return to the production process in the form of substitute material, substitute fuel, and value-added product, known as “Circular Economy”. This can be implemented through the management, production planning, improvement of machines and work processes, using technology and innovation, to achieve the appropriate use of resources and to mitigate the environmental impacts from the volume of waste and the waste management.


  • Since 2012, zero waste from production processes to landfill.
  • Within 2020, reduce the volume of waste disposal per production unit by 20% compared with 2014.
  • Recycle waste for the maximization of its value consistently.


 1. Reduce waste generation at source

Through the application of TQM, TPM and Integrated Business Exellence (IBE) since the stage of planning, raw material and material sourcing with a quality standard to ensure the environmental friendliness, while also increasing production efficiency to prevent loss of raw materials with a view of the least waste generation.

 2. Research and development of innovation to reuse raw materials, waste and add value to waste.

Invest in R&D to consistently advance the production processes so that they are capable of utilizing recycle materials and waste as substitute materials, substitute fuel or processed into value-added products.

 3. Industrial waste management without sending to landfill

Survey and collect the data of waste from all companies, in order to classify and assess the volume of waste. The data is transferred to responsible departments for appropriate waste disposal according to legal and technical requirements, which achieve the target of zero landfill.

 4. Reduce waste disposal to incineration without any recovery

Develop process and management in factories, which previously transfer waste to be disposed by incineration without any recovery, to utilize waste as a substitute fuel.

2017 Performance

SCG is capable of recycling waste at more than 99% without sending nonhazardous waste to landfill. However, in 2017, SCG sent ceramic wools and contaminated containers as hazardous waste to landfill at 0.23% due to the fact that they are unable to be reprocessed or reused.