31 May 2018

Health and Safety

Management Approach

Since 2007 SCG has been employing a management evaluation tool named “Safety Performance Assessment Program (SPAP)”. In addition, Life Saving Rules were instituted in order to prevent employees and contractors from serious accident that may result in a fatality. These aim to embed safe actions which are the fundamental of Total Safety Culture of SCG in Thailand and countries where SCG operates.


  • Zero fatality every year.
  • Reduce Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate in 2017 and 2018 to 0.030 and 0.023 respectively, and to be zero by 2022.
  • Continuously reduce Occupational illness and disease


  1. Building safety-conscious behavior through Life Saving Rules

The announcement of Life Saving Rules, which everyone in SCG both in Thailand and abroad must follow and not violate can create an awareness in Safe for Self of employees and contractors. They are therefore apprehensive on the danger of severe accidents or fatalities in order to embed the safety behavior for the same practices and expand the idea to help others.


  1. Risk Control with discipline

Review and evaluate risk at work that may lead to fatality or serious injury. For example, working at heights (over 1.8 meters), working in proximity of or in contact with rotating point or clamping point of machine, work relating to energy and electrical systems, transporting of goods or passengers’ ride. This strategy also includes improvement of operational systems and constant monitoring to ensure compliance.

  1. Visible safety leadership

Encourage executives to demonstrate behavior that expresses safety leadership and to act as role models in safety practices to employees and contractors. People should perceive that executives care and prioritize the safety of the workforce. Leadership in safety should be subject to regular evaluation for improvement.

  1. Advancing safety standards wherever SCG operates

Apply SPAP tools in countries where SCG operates by building a model for businesses in pilot countries and expanding good practices to scale up effectively. The goal for all pilot companies has set to achieve SPAP Level 4 (Succeeding) or higher in 2018 which is more challenge than the rest in regional.