19 November 2019


Cement-Building Materials Business

Our Passion

  • Develop products, services, and housing solutions to enhance the quality of life for safety, comfort and well-being.
  • Increase the ability to recycle waste materials from other industries to be used as alternative fuels and raw materials in the production process, such as substituting the recycled glass bottles for the use of sand in the production of fiber glass insulation and bringing fly ash from the power plant to be used as alternative raw materials in the production of roof tiles and brick blocks, etc.
  • Care for society and the environment by creating partnerships with community projects such as Fish Home Project by casting fish home from sulfate and chloride resisting cement to help villagers in the South to catch fish during the monsoon, the restoration of the quarry ecosystem to rehabilitate the biodiversity of plants and creatures.

Our Achievements in 2018

  • Awarded for Outstanding Social Responsibility by Department of Industrial Works, the Ministry of Industry as the company who is attentive to and responsible for society and environment.
  • Awarded for Thailand Green and Smart Mining Award 2019 by the Ministry of National Resources and Environment (MNRE) as the role model for mining management of cement production under the concept of circular economy by maximizing resources benefit to serve all required levels.
Awarded for Thailand Green and Smart Mining Award 2019

Awarded for Thailand Green and Smart Mining Award 2019

Chemicals Business

Our Passion

  • Focus on developing products that are environmentally friendly, with products and services certified by SCG eco value, 57% of revenue from sales.
  • Participating in Thailand Public Private Partnership for plastic and waste management projects with the aim of reducing Thailand marine plastic not less than 50 percent by 2027.
  • Developing renewable energy “Floating Solar Farm”, the first in Thailand, using special grade plastic pellets to be floating buoys installed on non-utilized water surface area which provides better performance than solar rooftop 5-20%.
  • Partnership in the coalition of Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) to tackle plastic waste problems in environment and ocean by announcing and driving collaborative projects such as Collaboration for Waste Management in Large Cities Project, Collaboration with United Nations Environment to enhance management ability of government officers and community leaders with regard to plastic waste.

Our Achievements in 2018

  • Map Ta Phut Olefins Co,. Ltd. was certified for Green Industry Level 5, the highest level from the Ministry of Industry, for the 4th year.
  • Applying the concept of circular economy for community development by creating a prototype “recycled fish home” from plastic waste found on beaches and in community areas and working together with the local fishery group to create fish homes from plastic pipes remaining from the assembly process of more than 1,600 units laid down to the sea, covering areas in Rayong, Chonburi, Chanthaburi and Trat.
  • Inventing the prototype of recycled plastic road following the circular economy concept by separating and collecting used plastic, shredding into small flakes, and mixing during asphalt blending process to pave the road, resulting in increased road strength and better resistance to erosion. The technology was developed with cooperation between SCG and Dow Thailand Group.
Recycled Fish Home

Recycled Fish Home

Packaging Business

Our Passion

  • Emphasize on product development by focusing on its designed functions which include the ease of use, the ability to maintain strength with less resources in the production, the reusable and easily recyclable features as well as the development of packaging paper with higher levels of recycled content which remain its strength and contain clean surface property.
  • Improve production process across the value chain i.e. reduce water and energy consumption, utilize the alternative energy through “Waste to Energy” project to generate electricity, and install solar rooftop to generate electricity for plant operation.
  • Apply digital platform or “Application Tool” for data connection between SCG and business partners to increase the value chain effectiveness.

Our Achievements in 2018

  • Develop plastic film packaging (R-1) from Multilayer Laminated: Mono Material to ensure its recyclability.
  • Develop food packaging under “Fest” brand, produced from pulp of eucalyptus plantation promoted by SCG to help agriculturalists increase higher incomes as well as the development of biodegradable paper straws from food contact paper.
  • Collaborate with retailers and department stores to encourage the use of recyclable and easily-biodegradable grocery bag as an alternative packaging while promoting participation among consumers for sustainable environment and natural resources.
  • Organize “Green Mart” for the 5th year to generate more incomes for communities surrounding the plants as well as the creation of social enterprise network.
“Rethink Packaging คิดใหม่ ทำใหม่ ใส่ใจสิ่งแวดล้อม”

Rethink Packaging