18 March 2021

Stakeholder Engagement

Under the determination to drive the business for sustainable growth and create progress in every society and community that SCG has operation, SCG emphasizes the importance of all stakeholders and promote stakeholder engagement through cooperative and inclusive approach to contribute to building positive relationships, confidence and value creation ​​between stakeholders and SCG.

Engagement with Stakeholders

SCG upholds Good Corporate Citizenship, particularly in communities where we operate, by respecting the right of stakeholders and extending fair treatment to every group of stakeholders. SCG stands ready to listen to their views and concerns, to build up their understanding and to formulate collaborative actions on key concerned issues, including the matters of social and environmental development.

SCG operates within the framework of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, as stipulated in the SCG Corporate Governance Handbook. Our employees work in strict compliance with the SCG Code of Conduct to prevent prejudice arisen from inappropriate conducts.

Given the diversity of stakeholders, each group may be impacted to various extent by our operations. Therefore, SCG promulgated a Stakeholder Engagement Policy so all employees fully understand and recognize the importance of stakeholders, and for all functions to be on the same page regarding processes of stakeholder analysis, formulation of appropriate communication strategy, disclosure and participation.

In 2020, SCG has developed a Guidance for Stakeholder Engagement from the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES) 2015, a well-recognized international standards for stakeholder engagement.  The Guidance is purposed for practical guides to the employees including operators and practitioners to be applied in acknowledgement of stakeholders’ perspective, attitude and expectation and conducting effective engagement with stakeholder groups and creating long-term values between stakeholders and SCG.

Stakeholder Engagement Approach

SCG categorizes stakeholders into 12 groups: namely the customer, employee, trading partner, supplier, community, shareholder, investor, creditor, governmental agency, media, civil society/ academia/ opinion leader and competitor.  Each year, the department that is responsible for the respective stakeholder group will assess the role and importance of stakeholders, and design an approriate approach and level of engagement.


Diverse stakeholder feedback and input will be integrated deeply into all aspects of a SCG’s operations for value creation and enhancement of stakeholders’ confidence in SCG.