13 June 2018

Sustainable Development Strategy

SCG adheres to conducting its business with ethics, and responsibility to all stakeholders for sustainable mutual benefits. SCG has set its Sustainable Development Framework in accordance with global practices, covering three dimensions of economy, society and the environment, with corporate governance as an overarching principle. SCG Sustainable Development Committee or “SDC” has been appointed since 1995 to ensure that operations by our business units are aligned. SDC is responsible for defining sustainability strategy, targets and action plans for business and their own subsidiaries. “Sustainable Development Guideline” has be designated since 2008 to be the guidance for effective and collaborative practices amongst organization and responsible functions.

SCG is dedicated to creating value to the society through its environmentally friendly business operation. Moreover, SCG is willing to share knowledge, experiences and success by engaging with all parties such as its relevant businesses throughout upstream and downstream, business organizations, institutes, including social and community-based enterprises to empower the society with strong and sustainability. Our sustainability highlight in 2017 are:

Moreover, SCG has launched its Environmental and Energy Policy to enhance efficient and effective implementation in all areas of SCG operations in 2016. The policy will also be applied when implementing any new project, modification project, due-diligence as well as mergers and acquisitions.