2 July 2020

Sustainable Development Policy and Structure

The management structure of the SCG Sustainable Development Committee has been established in order to align and integrate management of sustainability into core business strategy and plan. As a result, the governance structure comprises three dimensions, Social Dimension, Environmental Dimension, and Economic Dimension. The core committees or working groups will regularly meet on a quarterly basis.

The core committees or working groups relating to sustainable development are as follow;

The CSR Committee for Sustainable Development

  • Formulate policy, guideline for implementation and allocate budget for sustainability-oriented Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Ourguiding principle is we believe that people’s better quality of life marks the first step leading to community and social development, which ultimately contribute to national development.

SCG Risk Management Committee

  • Formulate policy, management framework and risk management plans.
  • Define structure and persons in charge of risk management, as well as providing support, monitoring and supervision of compliance.
  • Chaired by the SCG President & CEO, with President and Vice President of Business Units as members.

SCG Sustainable Development Committee

  • Formulate and review policy, implementation, and targets of sustainable development.
  • Listen to stakeholder’s voices, particularly the experts.
  • Formulate Materiality to engage stakeholders meaningfully.
  • Currently chaired by the President of SCG Chemicals, with President and Vice President of Business Units and corporate functions as members.

Occupational Health & Safety Committee

  • Formulate policy, strategy and occupational health & safety management structure.
  • Support, advocate safety practice, and manage safety-relate risks.
  • Cultivate basic work discipline, attitude, awareness and encourage learning in order to build safety culture for doing business wi th injury and  illness free.

SCG Energy Committee

  • Formulate policy and guideline on sustainable  energy  management, ensure adequate supply, energy conservation, renewable energy use.
  • Communicate, advocate, support and drive energy conservation among the workforce so that the organization is a responsible energy user.

Climate Change Committee

  • Formulate policy, strategy, target, work plan to mitigate Climate Change impact and reduce SCG’s Green House Gas emission.
  • Monitor Climate Change, especially potential risks that may impact SCG.
  • Raise awareness and knowledge among the workforce of ClimateChange.

Waste Management Committee

  • Monitor  and  facilitate  industrial  waste  management  in  compliance  with Zero Waste to Landfill and 3Rs policy.
  • Formulate guideline for SCG to manage waste in house at best possible effort.
  • Promote and coordinate Reuse/Recycle through R&D and adding value to waste internally and outside SCG.

Water Management Committee

  • Formulate policy, monitor, facilitate and issue water management guideline while making sure they are translated into actions, with concrete indicators to track performance.
  • Promote and coordinate for industrial water to be Reused/Recycled through R&D inside and beyond SCG.

Eco Product Committee

  • Regulate value creation to Downstream Supply Chain to provide options  of green products and services to the consumer.

Biodiversity Committee

  • Formulate policy, target and SCG’s management approach of biodiversity to conform with international guidelines as well as respect to local wisdom and stakeholders’ lifestyle.
  • Collaborate with external body both national and international organizations which have good knowledge and high capability.
  • Communicate and support stakeholder engagement on biodiverisy conservation continually.

Supplier Development for Sustainability Committee (under Supply Chain Steering Committee)

  • Formulate policy, strategy, targets and workplan for Upstream Supply Chain Sustainability, building upon the successful rollout of Green Procurement, SCG Contractor Safety Certification Program and SCG Supplier Code of Conduct.

Sustainable Development Structure