27 April 2021

Water Management

Climate change is impacting water resources situation in each area, resulting in exposure to water shortage risk to meet demand by various sectors. SCG integrated the risk assessment tools for water related risks (AQUEDUCT tool of World Resource Institute: WRI), work with multi-stakeholder and industrial groups in establish plan and management of water, including improved water efficiency within production processes.


  • Within 2025, reduce water withdrawal by 23 percent compared with business as usual (BAU) from the base year of 2014.


  • Water-related risk mitigation through integrated water management.
  • Increase water usage efficiency in production processes and products.
  • Treat the effluent to meet the quality standards, monitoring and measurement of effluent and its quality, reporting on effluent issues, incident investigation and corrective action and reduce effluent.
  • Bring the recycled water after treatment to be used.
  • Rehabilitate the ecosystems related to water resources, and support water to communities and farmers.
  • Capability building of personnel who involve in water management.

2020 Performance

  • Water withdrawal Reduction by 15.0% compared with BAU from the base year of 2014
  • Portion of Recycled Water by 11.6%