Innovation for Health and Safety

From the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and two years since, people have become more conscious and cautious about health, hygiene, and safety for activities inside and outside home, as well as activities of frontline health workers.

SCG delivers technology and innovation for new normal living, recognizing specific requirements of user segments, and collaborating with experts in products that meet international standards for better living.

Protecting White-Coat Warriors

CUre AIR SURE Mask + Soluble Laundry Bag

Health personnel are most at risk of infection. In addition to protective equipment such as PPE wear, medicine and medical equipment, “optimal face mask” forms an essential part in protecting front health workers caring for at-risk groups and covid-19 patients.

SCGP (Packaging Business) uses high-performance material such as polymer for the purpose, collaborating with the research team of Chemical Engineering Division, Faculty of Engineering, and the Metallurgy and Materials Science Research Institute Chulalongkorn University and others to develop a half-face respirator “CUre AIR SURE”. The product can filter out 99.9% percent of small particles and bacteria. It is certified Tier 1 of Medical Face Mask ASTM F2100.

The design considers real-life setting for users to feel comfortable with half-face coverage with silicone lining for flexibility and comfort while preventing leakage. The cover design is deliberately broader to allow for more breathing space and reducing damp, with adjustable strap, and weighed 15 percent lighter than ordinary mask. To reduce burden of hazardous waste disposal, clear plastic is the material choice because it is durable, washable and reusable, and the filter replaceable.

CUre AIR SURE’s design quality is guaranteed by the Design Excellence Award 2021, industrial and digital goods category. It is commended for design of respirator face mask suitable to Asians versus majority in the market mostly catered to European and American features.

Going forward this can be introduced to various industrial uses in care of the environment. In 2021 SCGP delivered over 10,000 pieces of CUre AIR SURE mask to frontline health workers and public health agencies.

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Beyond visible PPEs, SCGP looked into other aspects of how professional healthcare workers perform their jobs and identified in the laundry service for covid-19 patients as at risk of infection. As a result, SCGP adapts its soluble packaging film to develop “soluble laundry bag” for soiled clothes of covid-19 patients, so that these clothes did not require being packed, unpacked and offloaded onto washing machine. The bag is designed to feed clothes directly into washing machine and it would dissolve gradually at water temperature over 65C till leaving no trace within 3-15 minutes. Soiled clothes would then be washed automatically according to process. Besides protecting people working in laundry, these bags are environmentally friendly.

Your Best Bodyguard VAROGARD Face Mask and Alcohol Hand Gel and Spray

With social distancing as a rule in daily life, face mask has become an indispensable companion alongside alcohol sanitizer.

SCG researched into how best one can protect oneself in this context.

Further to discovery of SARS-CoV-2 anti-viral agent that is proprietary technology of HeiQ Viroblock from Switzerland, that the substance has the property to block the pathogen effectively, Chemicals Business applies this to coat melt-blown fabric previously used to ward off dust, resulting in VAROGARD.

Unlike plain flat face mask, VAROGARD has three-dimensional shape that can effectively seal the face for optimum protection. It comes with four layers: two outer and two inner layers made from spun-bond cloth from synthetic polymer yarn that yields soft touch for breathability, waterproof and neat fitting.

SCGP thus targets the sensitive, allergy-prone skin segment, with its development of “alcohol gel and spray sanitizer” under the flagship of ALMIND by SCGP. The product contains 70 percent of food-grade alcohol, dermatologically tested by DermScan Asia for baby-safe reassurance.

ALMIND by SCGP contains a nature-based ingredient called AQUACELLATM developed through nanotechnology-facilitated extraction of key property from eucalyptus tree cellulose. Other natural ingredients in the mix include aloe vera gel and glycerin for moisture and quick dry.

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ALMIND by SCGP therefore cleans and nourishes the skin and particularly suitable for babies and older people with sensitive skins. Its environment-friendly packaging is made from Flairosol, PETE plastic that is recyclable, with effective spraying nozzle and content refillable.

Protecting Residents and Indoor Entrepreneurs SCG Bi-Ionization Air Purifier for

pure air and COTTO Hygienic Tile

Work From Home broadens the meaning of home beyond a house.At the same time locations such as hospital, office, factory, eatery need to open and operate.

With virus, bacteria, dust, and particles circulating in the air, people need space that meets safety and hygiene standards, and searching for technology to make house and building safe, especially in at-risk areas or where covid-19 patients are treated.

SCG Smart Building Solution under Cement- Building Materials Business specializing in building energy management, has developed

“SCG Bi-Ionization Air Purifier,” a small device that can be installed inside air-conditioning unit. The device generates cation and anion to eliminate the virus that causes covid-19, bacteria, fungus, PM10-2.5 and VOCs, by up to 90-99 percent and thus purifying air within the utility space. In 2021, the system has been installed in multiple hospitals, office buildings and factories.

Flooring and wall surfaces with which residents come into regular contact could be another spot for germs buildup. Cement-Building Materials Business developed COTTO Hygienic Tile with Silver Nano infused onto the tile motifs to release cation to eliminate airborne fungus and bacteria by over 90 per cent more than ordinary tiles throughout its lifecycle. This is more worthwhile than application of sanitizing substance in cleaning liquid that releases fast and fades fast.

In addition to surfaces to ensure full coverage, COTTO offers Ultra Clean Plus sanitaryware line in which sink and other sanitaryware pieces are Silver-Nano infused with 99 per cent anti-bacteria effectiveness. These products have been tested and certified according to JIS Z-2801.

Existing or new building, health-focused innovations ensure occupants’ access to good hygiene.


SCG committed to developing innovation with care for health and safety for all.From inside the house to outside, from children to adult, to health workers most at risk.

The pandemic and health-conscious trend continue to drive SCG towards business development for better living.