SCG believes that business stability need to be coexisted with community development by providing SCG’s expertise innovation and engagement to foster community adaptation to change and community resilience and aim to foster the sustainable growth in all regions and communities where we operate by emphasizing on the improvement of people’s quality of life.

‘Concern for social responsibility’ is one of our 4 core values that SCG adheres to conduct socially-responsible business together with community and social development, placing priority on playing an active part in tackling social problems that impact livelihood and quality of life, enhancing economic strength, and reducing social inequality.


  • The CSR Committee for Sustainable Development, consisting of members of the Board of Directors and SCG top executives, is responsible for formulating policies and guidance on sustainability-oriented social development activities.
  • SCG Foundation carries out a mission to people development focus on maximizing human capability and having them equipped with knowledge and integrity.
  • Community Relations Unit carries out activities that enhance the potential of the neighboring communities of SCG’s operations to attain better quality of life and sustainable self-reliance.

Target and Performance

  • Social contribution


  1. Utilize expertise of SCG and external partners to enhance the resilience of communities and society
    Develop and promote capacity building of community by employing SCG’s expertise or external experts as mentors to provide knowledge and guidance for community in solving problems by oneself to reach a better quality of life, career stability, advancement and sustainable self-reliance.
  2. Foster engagement among employees and all relevant sectors to create sustainable value for society
    Promote involvement of employees, community and all relevant stakeholders to collaborate in social activities for a stronger network to create sustainable value to society
  3. Develop innovation to serve the needs of communities and solve social issues
    Utilize knowledge and expertise in innovation to create solutions for community and social issues
  4. Develop models for sustainable social development and scale up to other community network
    Build a community model for sustainable development that can inspire other communities to duplicate practices and success for a broaden expansion.

Approach for implementing social development project

            SCG formulates the following four strategies by considering the characteristic of projects and SCG’s involvement, taking into account the competency and capacity of the organization in terms of knowledge, capital and collaboration.

  1. A role model for sustainable social development
    To tangibly solve the problems of Thailand and emerge as a project model for other companies to replicate, SCG is involved from the first step of problem diagnostics, developing a work plan, and participating in implementation process until the objectives are achieved.
  2. Capacity building and improving the quality of life by specialists
    For problem solving or to raise the quality of life of people in the society, tapping into certain kinds of expertise or specialization, SCG may take part on selected issues, and outcomes can be built upon or scaled up.
  3. Capacity building and improving the quality of life, with Employees’ Involvement
    To raise quality of life or build the capacity in different aspects of the society, whereby SCG  employees participate in driving the projects until achieving successful outcomes that are then replicated elsewhere.
  4. Alleviation of social situation and suffering
    To do relief work when the society faces pressing problems, and contributing to better quality of life of the people, by supporting organizations with proven track records in doing philanthropic and public service. 

Priority of SCG Citizenship Projects Relevant to sustainable development strategy and Enterprise Materiality       

Amid the climate emergency, global resource scarcity, growing social inequality, and the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused unprecedented crisis, SCG, as a world citizen, deems it the Company’s mission and responsibility to drive business operations at all levels to grow alongside a strong society and sustainable environment. Furthermore, SCG is keen to collaborate with all sectors in efforts under ESG, the global development framework for business operations, in line with the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Thai government’s BCG Economy (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) in alignment with the ESG 4 Plus strategy to pass on a better and sustainable world for future generations.

Climate Resilience

Climate resilience is a prominent global issue this past year, resulting in law enforcement risk and opportunity towards low carbon economy. SCG sets Net Zero target in 2050 and its science-based targets initiative is under validation process, while continuing to implement the strategies and measures towards achieving Net Zero target.

            Global warming and climate change are urgent issues that require the reduction of GHG emissions following the Paris agreement and SDGs 7, 9, 12, and 13. SCG continuously pays attention and creates share value along its value chain by committing to reducing GHGs and becoming a Net Zero by 2050. As part of the efforts is as follows:

  1. SCG Increases the proportion of low-carbon energy use such as biomass, RDF, excess hot air energy from waste heat generators, and solar energy.
  2. SCG invests in deep technology research such as Electric Vehicles (EV), AI Supervisory for Energy Analytics to enhance renewable energy production efficiency and studies the feasibility of using carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology.
  3. SCG Cleanergy Company, a new business, was established to provide power solutions from renewable energy including solar and wind energy in Thailand and overseas.
  4. SCG Takes the efforts to mitigate global warming by planning to plant 3 million rais of trees and 30,000 rais of mangroves to help absorb 5 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2050 and to construct another 130,000 check dams by 2025 to restore watershed forests.  In 2021, approximately 0.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emission were reduced, a 2.66% higher reduction than in 2020

CSR – Climate Resilience more details...

Circular Economy

            Due to the global challenge of the impacts from waste problems and resource scarcity, SCG places importance on the adoption of circular economy as one of our core strategies in sustainable development as well as one of our priorities in carrying out social activities to achieve sustainable development goals regarding responsible production and consumption.

            The waste crisis has caused tremendous impacts and aggravated global resource scarcity. SCG strives to promote systematic waste management align with SDGs 8, 9 & 12 that we continuously pay attention to and create share value along its value chain by encouraging changes in production and consumption behaviors according to SCG circular way as a viable and sustainable approach into tangible impacts. As part of the efforts is as follows:

  1. Green Construction Solution, one of the waste-to-wealth projects exploits digital technologies e.g., Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D printing to push construction innovation to fulfill the unmet needs of customers in Thailand’s construction sector. It solves the problem of inefficient construction, outdated technology, and environmental impacts.
  2. The production of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) by setting up a plant at the community landfills to transform the sorted flammable refuse into compressed energy blocks for use in the cement kiln at a gray cement plant in place of coals. Moreover, a project was set up to buy agricultural waste such as rice straws, sugar cane leaves, and corn cobs from communities surrounding the plants to process into energy pallets to replace coals.
  3. SCG Green PolymerTM is an innovative eco-friendly polymer with maximizing resource efficiency. This product is certified SCG Green Choice, a Direct benefit to consumers in the “Circular Economy” Category.
  4. SCG strengthens Circular Economy with digital platforms e.g. PaperX, KoomKah into business by returning and recycling wastes to be raw materials for SCG’s operations.
  5. SCG’s Bang Sue Model extracts lessons learned and scales up to other communities, with Waste-Free Community Project and fostered collaboration with the government and public sectors to establish model communities in order to scale up the project for a wider impact.

CSR – Circular Economy more details…

Equality and Well-being

SCG puts an effort into placing priority on playing an active part in tackling social problems that impact livelihood and the quality of life, enhancing good health and well-being, economic strength, and reducing social inequality.  SCG believes that being healthy and living in a safe environment reflect a good quality of life which is an important foundation of sustainable development aligned with SDGs3 and 8 that SCG continuously pays attention to and creates share value along its value chain. As part of the efforts is as follows:

  1. With the COVID-19 pandemic, SCG recognizes the urgency of multi-sectoral collaboration to face the crisis by developing innovative products to fight the pandemic, provides medical care for frontline medical staff domestically and regionally such as Modular Screening & Swap Unit, Mobile Isolation Unit, SCGP Paper Beds and Modular ICU.
  2. SCG is resolved to help mitigate the impacts of the social crisis that affects people’s livelihoods and quality of life by reducing social inequality through upskilling, reskilling, and building high-demand job opportunities via a variety of projects appropriate for differing target groups to improve quality of life and build strong, sustainably self-reliant communities in Thailand and ASEAN. Among the in-demand jobs promoted are truck drivers, home renovation handymen, and sellers of local processed goods through online and offline channels. Moreover, the Learn to Earn project by the SCG Foundation also provides scholarships to those wanting to develop their careers as nurse assistants, dental assistants, and elderly caregivers. SCG also offers scholarships to students in the ASEAN countries to produce high-demand professionals such as doctors, nurses, engineers, and teachers.
  3. The Power of Community Project, the community enterprise training program is designed to instill knowledge and virtues in tune with the Sufficiency Economy philosophy, inspiring the community to develop themselves by processing local products to create added value, creating a unique product identity, and selling through online channels as well as how to plan for their future. 
  4. Transportation Safety has continuously implemented and puts an effort to manage by embedding safety mindsets, as well as building driving skills and capability among employees, drivers in the value chain, and people in communities to ensure that they all share the public routes with maximum safety.

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