SCG has integrated product and service safety policy in a part of Quality Management System that is in conformance to product liability and monitor the effectiveness of the implementation by the Quality Management Review Committee in each company. Moreover, SCG has Environment Excellence Committee as managerial responsibility for product and service safety by establish policies, strategies, and goals on sustainable products and services and accounting for safety impacts of products, services and solutions throughout their life cycles that consist of top management as a chairman.

SCG develops employees’ knowledge and competencies via Product Stewardship Training Program to implement actions that ensure safety and environmental impact of its products through hazard assessment and audit throughout life cycle – production, transportation, storage, use and end-of-life disposal. This is aimed at planning and prevention from the stage of product design, production and labelling according to international standard.

There is a mechanism to hear, receive complaints, suggestions, and other feedback through various channels around the clock, such as via online channels, websites and investigate complaints and preparedness in case complaints or emergency arise. As a result, no complaint of significance relating to violation of health and safety regulations is received to date. The effectiveness of product and service safety program is assessed through ISO 9001 internal and external audits continuously. In 2023, 100% subsidiaries have been certified for Quality Management System.

Employee training on product/service safety and Testing emergency responses
from product/service safety complaint regularly.

Moreover, SCG is committed to develop and design products that are environment-friendly and safe to enhance well-being, as required by consumers in Thailand and beyond who are increasingly more conscious about sustainability, promotes assessment of greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain and seeks to have more of its products certified SCG Green Choice to foster business competitiveness. 

Read more detail on Sustainable Products and Services in SD Report 2023 (Page 84) 

Product Service and Solution process

Product/service safety Targets and Performance

TargetPerformance 2023
No complaints of violations of health and safety requirements from consumers used, information provided and labeling or advertisement of the products and services0
No penalties levied from failure to comply with any regulations relating to the use of such products and services0

Monitoring of product/service safety performance

Read more detail on Performance Data in SD Report 2023 (Page 119) 

Example of product hazard analysis (PHA) and Warning Label


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