Climate change is impacting water resources situation in each area, resulting in exposure to water shortage risk to meet demand by various sectors. SCG integrated the risk assessment tools for water related risks (AQUEDUCT tool of World Resource Institute: WRI), work with multi-stakeholder and industrial groups in establish plan and management of water, including improved water efficiency within production processes. 


  • Within 2025, reduce water withdrawal by 23 percent compared with business as usual (BAU) from the base year of 2014. 


  • Water-related risk mitigation through integrated water management.
  • Increase water usage efficiency in production processes and products.
  • Treat the effluent to meet the quality standards, monitoring and measurement of effluent and its quality, reporting on effluent issues, incident investigation and corrective action and targeting to reduce effluent as much as possible.
  • Bring the recycled water after treatment to be used.
  • Rehabilitate the ecosystems related to water resources, and support water to communities and farmers.
  • Capability building of personnel who involve in water management.

2022 Performance 

  • Water withdrawal Reduction by 24.1% compared with BAU from the base year of 2014 
  • Portion of Recycled Water by 13.4% 

Collaboration on water management

Joining Water Resource Management Body

The Water Resources Act B.E. 2561 establishes “Water Resources Organization” at three levels – nationally through the Office of National Water Resource, basin-level totaling 22 basins and water users’ level.

SCG has thus joined as industry sector representative in seven Basin Committees. These committees are tasked with steering, managing, allocation and prioritization of water usage, upkeeps and restoration, and conservation of water sources, as well as managing floods and droughts.

Sustainable Water Management in the Eastern Region

SCG collaborates with the state, industries and key stakeholders in water management in the Eastern region and Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) continuously from the drought in 2020. The partners make plans for the future including building additional water reservoirs, diversion of water from sources, and develop technology to enhance efficiency in water situation monitoring. In addition, Chemicals Business collaborates with industry sector in enhancing relationship with Wang Tanod reservoire community through municipal wastewater treatment system project at the municipality of Nongkla Subdistrict, Tha-Mai District, Chantaburi. By constructing wetland system to treat 400 cm/day of wastewater from the community prior to discharge to Wang Tanod canal, the project contributes to water security for the East.

Initiatives on water management

Developing the Early Warning System

SCGP (Packaging Business) has developed Multi Hazards Early Warning System (EWS) alerting flooding event and drought. The system analyses data from multiple sources in Thailand and internationally including: AQUEDUCT and EDO (European Drought Observatory) by UNDRR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction). It provides crucial details in the window of 7-10 day-forecast, and for early warning to be issued to factories in at-risk locations for preparedness. The development of EWS demonstrates SCGP’s commitment to obligation under Sendai Framework 2015-2030 (article 7) on disaster prevention and loss mitigation.

CPAC Water Management Solution

Cement-Building Materials Business applied knowledge and experience stretching over 15 years of water resource development projects with communities for an integrated suite of water management solutions that address search, storage and distribution of water, with helps of technology such as drone for site evaluation and water sources identification, Resistivity System, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), SONAR. It is well equipped to offer consultancy, design and construction of water storage and distribution system that is appropriate and customized to location. On offer are innovation alternatives such as concrete tarpaulin, solar pump system, to substitute use of electricity and oil. CPAC Water Management Solution targets inclusion of all sectors-community, public and private sectors, to deliver valuable water, to ensure year-round water supply to community.

Water Saving Product

Cement-Building Materials Business is committed to developing new generation of water-saving sanitaryware. During the pandemic, health and hygiene is prioritized through automation features such as the latest VERZO line of COTTO Smart Toilet with automatic open/shut lid, contactless bidet, along with Powerful Jet cleansing system that consumes only 3.8 liters of water per minute, saving water by 35% compared with the standard rate of 6 liters per minute. In 2021, installed COTTO products in use contributes to water saving nationally of 1,149 million liters.


SCG Water Related Risks