According to various abrupt changes, SCG is required to restructure and adjust its business strategies by encouraging self-development and adaptability among employees at all levels to ensure their people can keep up with the shifting business landscape. SCG has also been working to foster employee engagement to retain our people, who are key resource for driving sustainable growth.


  • 100% of employees in Thailand receive a competency assessment and have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) on the Learning Management System (LMS) continuously every year.
  • 60% of Employee Satisfaction.
  • 100% employment of employee with disability according to section 33 and 35 of Empowerment Of Persons With Disabilities Act, B.E. 2007.
  • 100% employment of management and supervisory position are not specified by gender, religion, or ethnicity.


  1. Create value for the organization to attract talents and competent prospective employees.
  2. Ensure that employee care is equitable and thorough to foster employee engagement.
  3. Enhance employee competencies to meet the Company’s competitive needs and enable them to work happily and work in a team effectively.
  4. Foster a culture of learning by giving employees an opportunity to develop themselves according to their interest using the most suitable learning method for themselves through hard skill and soft skill courses and through diverse learning channels.
  5. Create a conducive learning factor with the Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure uniform quality and standards both in Thailand and abroad.


  • SCG provides courses and activities to promote learning and self-development for employees in a short amount of time and foster a positive mindset both for working individually and with others as well as social and environmental responsibility, with supervisors, coaches, mentors, co-workers, and team members supporting the learning process.

2022 Performance

  • 100% of SCG’s employees in Thailand continued to receive performance assessment and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) on the Learning Management System (LMS) equal to 55.0% of all employees
  • 63% of Employee Satisfaction.
  • Hiring 100% of employees with disability to promote diversity and equality according to laws.
  • Average amount spent on training and development 13,540 Baht/ Person

Talent Recruitment

New normal of working life brings the trend of Work from Home or Work form Anywhere. Businesses need to adapt by using technology which results to employees to learn and develop technology skills. The organization also has to allocate and plan a new workforce in accordance with future work patterns that focuses on planning to develop employees’ competency rather than increasing quantitatively.

Programs/ initiatives in 2024

  • Global Talent Engagement Program: Host career roadshows and career insight events domestically and internationally in strategic countries e.g. China, India, the US, and the UK. These events will actively seek out diverse talent and promote understanding and appreciation of differences in age, class, race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, and other factors.
  • Inclusive Scholarship Programs: Establish scholarships in China and India to support diverse individuals in education and skill development, prioritizing inclusivity and recognizing the value of diversity in our future workforce.
  • Offer opportunities across all disciplines, not limited to specific fields, to support diverse talent. We aim to create an inclusive environment that values and respects individuals from all backgrounds.
  • Adoption of a skilled-based hiring approach: removing discriminatory factors like GPA, university reputation, sex or HIV status from the selection process, and focusing solely on skills and potential contributions.
  • Title Omission in ions: Modify forms to exclude titles, ensuring fair evaluation based solely on qualifications and experiences, and welcoming candidates from diverse backgrounds without bias.

Hands-On Learning for University students: Implement inclusive initiatives that provide university students with opportunities to learn and problem-solve in real-world situations with 3 Flagship Internship Programs:
1. Excellent Internship Program
2. Cooperative program
3. Young Talent Program

    These are designed to attract and nurture diverse talent, providing valuable experiences and skill development opportunities to participants from various backgrounds.

  • Early Partnership with the university: Forge partnerships with the Computer Engineering and Digital Technology Department, Faculty of Engineering, to offer internships from the first year of study, enabling students to gain practical experience and exposure to diverse working environments early in their academic journey.
  • Accelerated Diverse Talent Sourcing: Enhance and diversify the talent pool through partnership programs such as Samart Skill by Google and SKILLKAMP by KBank, leveraging their resources and networks to attract a wider range of skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Talent Development

SCG upskills and reskills employees to ensure they can adapt to the new modes of work effectively, including the hybrid workplace and hybrid collaboration, and can develop a hybrid mindset to maintain adaptability to the situation. Hybrid learning was placed in online, digital (e-Learning), virtual classrooms, live learning sessions, site visits, workshop simulations, coaching, and project assignments and was utilized to accommodate both on-site and online participants simultaneously, while the 70:20:10 blended learning was maintained. In addition, individual development plans are developed for every employee, to support their learning through various type such as digital and live learning conducted by internal and external instructors, coaching, on-the-job training, job shadowing, special projects, assignment as well as mentoring by choosing mentor on their own to be part of self-development. The purpose is to ensure that all employees can contribute to the continuous, smooth, and effective business operations of SCG.

For newcomers, we provide a mentor for them individually to give consultation or suggestion to enable them to adapt themselves in diversify environment and start work smoothly.

Employee Development Programs

Business and Leadership for Managers
The objectives are knowledge and competency development necessary for First Line Managers and Manager of Managers and to readying executives, who are also a vital force of SCG, to cope with emerging challenges in the future. Management Development Program (MDP) and Management Acceleration Program (MAP). Both programs are designed to keep participants up-to-date with the current business landscape. The efforts included the addition of design thinking and the agile process which focus on utilizing thinking processes to obtain insights into customers’ problem and applying creativity and varied perspectives to create ideas for solutions linked to business, which are then tested and developed to achieve guidelines or innovations that respond to the fast-changing needs of customers.

Impact of business benefits:

Increased profit 1,960 million baht
21.02 times higher than cost of the program
Number of participants 538 persons

Learning case: CPAC Precast Column & Beam Solution. The solution involved pre-casting concrete columns and beams at the factory for on-site installation.

Generated over 100 million baht in sales
Reduced leftover wood planks at least 90%
Integrated Business Excellence Program (IBE)
Integrated Business Excellence (IBE), designed to create integrated collaborates between operations, value chain, and human resource development that fully develops people and organizational capability for effectiveness and creativity in increasing resource efficiency. This program consisted of Technical Model, Capability Building including Culture and Mindset designed on the blended learning approach (70: Project assignment and OJT, 20: Sharing, Coaching, Mentoring and 10: Formal learning program) through designed Managing Process to achieve business excellence.
Number of participants 2,204 persons
Value release 4,102.2 million baht

Human Capital Return on Investment (HC ROI): 0.979

Total Revenue569,609 Million Baht
Total Operating Expenses570,620 Million Baht
Total employee-related expenses (salaries + benefits)49,033 Million Baht

Type of Performance Appraisal

SCG has assessed the performance of employees in various ways as follows:

Management by objectives

Since 2018, SCG establishes “Performance Management System” to implement the framework of Management by objectives to ensure people across the organization are aligned with – and contributing to – the strategic objectives of the SCG visions. In order to sustainably embed Performance Management System in an ongoing employee behavior, SCG has created the combination of methodologies to monitor the quality as follows:

  • Goal Planning:  Each Individual employee will plan and act with goal management that align with supervisor and corporate vision to ensure delivering the business performance.
  • Performance Dialogue: Official quarterly performance dialogue has been set as a regular basis for all employee to review their performance with supervisor. Therefore, employees are able to continuously improved themselves for greater corporate results.
  • Performance Appraisal: SCG provides reward and recognition program for motivating employees to become strong performer. This will drive employees’ performance to go beyond and stretch potential for greater performance appraisal

Frequency: Goal setting annually and it can be adjusted according to the context that changes during the year.

Multidimensional performance appraisal

SCG implements 360-degree feedback for collaboration to help employee gain their strength and opportunities for enhancement from other people as well as employee’s direct supervisor. Each will be assessed in both soft and hard skill e.g. Listen to Other, Strategic Formulation & Growth Mindset and Organizational & Performance Transformation. These to ensure that they could lift up themselves to create positive relationship within team and across functional, seek new opportunity and embed innovative idea and integrate changed across business.

Frequency: Annually

Team-based appraisal

SCG sets protocol of KPI “Deployment Process” to make employee engage with the business and own team goals. They will be a part of business’s success by setting their goal align with business direction, functional and team goals. To achieve individual goal is insufficient to become a strong performer but need to play an important role to contribute to the team’s success which called “Team Centric”.

Frequency: Annually

Agile conversations

We encourage managers and team members to self-review and manager review to provide feedback and support on individual and team contribution, focusing on collaboration, leadership, and teamwork. This approach is “Continuous performance management (CPM)” for monitor and support in time when business priorities shift.

Frequency: Ongoing work is done once a quarter and throughout the year.

Talent Retention

SCG places great emphasis on welfare and remuneration management in order to attract talents and high-potential recruits as well as boost the morale of the staff so as to retain capable employees and drive them to successfully fulfill their duties, which in turn motivates them to further develop their capabilities and preparedness and enables them to see opportunities for career advancement.

Programs/ initiatives in 2022

  • SCG provided ergonomic office equipment and furniture, such as desks and chairs, to ensure that its employees could work offsite efficiently.
  • Internet allowances to reduce financial burdens on employees.
  • Caring in Covid-19 situation, SCG has introduced Bubble & Seal and local community isolation in its manufacturing plants and ATK test kits as well as provided vaccination facilitation, a tele-med program for convenient consultation with doctors via phones, and boxes of essential items for self-care at home.
  • SCG revised its policy and guideline for returning to work, established flexible work arrangements, and redesigned the workplace to include co-working spaces and collaborative zones to suit the situation.
  • SCG reviewed employee benefits and welfare and, in response to rising costs of living and inflation, provided a special one-time cost-of-living allowance to all employees up to the first line managers, with other forms of assistance to be considered as appropriate.
  • The Company prioritizes the promotion of preventive healthcare through, for instance, gym facilities, health activities for employee clubs, educational workshops on health, vaccine provision, annual health checkups, and physical fitness tests.
  • SCG launched the Caring Check System, through which employees can make inquiries as well as disclose and exchange information about their mental health, as well as the Doctor Anywhere System, which offers online consultation with psychiatrists and psychologists. In addition, psychiatrists are provided and available for appointment at the Healthcare Center.
  • Long-term benefits for employees include provident funds, financial management courses, healthcare, retirement preparedness programs, and retired employee clubs, all of which ensure that employees have a good quality of work life and guarantee their financial stability and health.
  • SCG has introduced flexible benefits as an alternative for employees. This new initiative, which places emphasis on the value of the employee and provides incentives that are personalized to each individual’s needs, not only promotes employee engagement but also respond to the new hybrid workplace effectively.
  • Support expression and association of diverse employees to increase the ability to create innovative ideas, good relationship and enhance engagement in the organization such as group of sports, music, travel, etc. Moreover, SCG created a networking groups of women via online channel (Facebook) called SCG Sis to Sit to sharing knowledge and experience, a range of topics relevant to life during the pandemic and kept employees connected.

Employee Experience

SCG places importance on Employee Engagement, Satisfaction and Well-Being by continuing a corporate-wide engagement survey and using the results to implement changes to retain employees who are the Company’s valuable assets. We have considered developing the right survey design to fit Business Aspirations, People Priorities, Organization Effectiveness and New Trends impacting the Organization.
Next, World-class organizations are taking an integrated approach to engagement and focusing on the consistency of experiences intentionally. The changing New Generation (Y and Z) and the New Way of Working (Hybrid Workplace/ Post Covid-19) directly impact to Engagement.

(Source: Kincentric Database)

Therefore, we have aligned SCG Employee Engagement with the holistic Employee Experience, for the new approaches to take care People will focus on Top-down Actions and Team Actions delivering consistent Employee Experience (Leading Factors) to meet the new expectation of targeted employees.

Employee Satisfaction

SCG’s questions reflect Job Satisfaction, Purpose, Happiness and Stress. As the detailed aspects following:

No.AspectsExample Question
1Job Satisfaction (External Motivation)I would not hesitate to recommend this organization to a friend seeking employment.
2Purpose (Internal Motivation)This organization’s mission provides meaningful direction to me.
3Happiness This organization inspires me to do my best work every day.
4StressMy work-related stress is manageable for me.