Research, development and adoption of modern technology to produce innovative products, services and solutions that are environmentally friendly. To help reduce the said problem and to meet the changing needs of modern consumers who are more environmentally conscious At the same time, Green Choice self-certification label was issued to GREEN CHOICE products and services under the slogan “You can choose for the world” to help consumers choose products for them. Easier and rest assured that it is an environmentally friendly product that is good for quality of life Through education on product information, features and environmental benefits Clear of the product group with the certification labe

SCG is also the first Thai organization to establish environmentally friendly labels for products and services. Type of self-certification under the SCG ECO VALUE label in 2009 by setting the criteria for consideration in accordance with ISO14021: Environmental Labels and Declarations-Self-Declared Environmental Claims, along with the needs of stakeholders. And the impact that occurs throughout the product life cycle, such as design, reduce the use of raw materials Reduce energy consumption Reduce the use of water in production And energy consumption of consumers Use of materials and renewable energy Recycling, waste reduction and greenhouse gas emissions By appointing a group of technical considerations Is considered to certify products and services labeled Nowadays, the SCG eco value label has evolved into the “Green Choice” label to make it easy for consumers to understand. And as an alternative to consumers in choosing to buy products and services.

Eco design

In the development of new goods and services, SCG prioritizes the consideration of environmental and safety factors to ensure that its products and services are not only innovative and competitive but also aligned with sustainable practices. The company recognizes the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of its products throughout their entire lifecycle, including the end-of-use phase. SCG has established the New Product and Service Development requirement as part of SCG Environmental Framework. This requirement emphasizes the need to integrate environmental and safety considerations into the development process. By adhering to this requirement, SCG ensures that environmental factors are taken into account from the initial stages of product development.

About SCG Environmental Framework
The objective of this effort to establish SCG Environmental Management Framework is to improve and expand SCG’s environmental operations guidelines to be up-to-date, on par with international standards, and suitable for the operations of a diversified company in such a way that the framework can be applied to all of the company’s businesses, both domestic and international. It consists of the main 5 components:
A. Governance
B. Supply chain management
C. Operations management
D. Products and services management
E. Stakeholder management and communications