Biodiversity is under threaten with accelerating species extinction rate upon impact of human activities. SCG, recognizing the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem, thus implements biodiversity conservation project wherever it conducts business, and is committed to achieve “Net Positive Impact” in all processes involved.

The importance of biodiversity and ecosystem in global sustainability has re-emerged prominent in recent years due to biodiversity losses resulting from human activities and impacting the equilibrium of nature and livelihoods of mankind. On our part, SCG has relentlessly implemented efforts in biodiversity and environmental conservation, through sustainable management approach and applying international indicators to benchmark what we have done, with a view to making SCG a role model in biodiversity conservation. 


Cement-Building Materials Business 

  • Net Positive Impact after closure of the first quarry in 2052 
  • Similarity Index in rehabilitated quarry area must equal to buffer zone at higher than 60% within 2022 

SCGP (Packaging Business) 

  • Having biodiversity conservation area certified by FSC standard of at least 10% of agroforestry area 


  • Sustainable management of biodiversity benchmarked to international indicators. 
  • Engage communities and stakeholders on the cause of biodiversity conservation.  
  • Be a role model of biodiversity conservation and extend the effort to other areas. 

2021 Performance 

Cement-Building Materials Business: Progress for 4 quarries in Thailand 

  • Biodiversity Baseline Data 100%, 
  • Biodiversity Management Plan 100%, 
  • Rehabilitated area 109 ha for non-operated area, rehabilitated area accounts to 7.67 % of total open-quarry area. 

Packaging Business 

  • FFSC certified area of 1,552.5 rai, equivalent to 14% of agroforestry area 

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