Sustainability Report


Sustainable Development Framework


SCG Environment and Climate Policy (Revision 2)
SCG Corporate Environment Management Guideline
Quarry Rehabilitation and Biodiversity Policy


SCG Accident Data Information and Reporting Guideline
SCG Goods Transportation Safety Standard
Commitment from Sustainable Development Committee
Employee engagement surveys 2020
SCG Human Rights Expectation Letter
Human Rights Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
SCG Human Rights Due Diligence
Declaration on Gender Equality
Stakeholder Engagement Policy


SCG Corporate Governance Principle
Code of Conduct
Compliance Policy
Anti-trust Policy
Disclosure Policy
Anti-corruption Policy
Insider Trading Policy
SCG Guidelines on Appropriate Internal Control
Policy comparison of independent director
CEO & Executive Compensation Management
SCG Contributions to Organization
Tax policy
SCG Privacy Policy


Green Procurement Guideline
Supplier code of conduct
SCG Procurement and Vendor Selection Policies and Guidelines
Risks from sluggish demand recovery and changing business landscapes
Risks from plastic waste crisis and trend toward low-carbon economy causing changes in consumer behavior
Risks from rapid deep technology and digital technology transformation
Cybersecurity risks


Green Building Material
Corporate Governance Policy
One Report