The management structure of the SCG Sustainable Development Committee has been established in order to align and integrate management of sustainability into core business strategy and plan. As a result, the governance structure comprises three dimensions, Social Dimension, Environmental Dimension, and Economic Dimension. The core committees or working groups will regularly meet on a quarterly basis. 

The core committees or working groups relating to sustainable development are as follow; 

The CSR Committee for Sustainable Development 

  • Provision of COVID-19 relief for society and communities
  • 2021 performance and 2022 action plans for CSR projects and activities related to key ESG issues, namely climate crisis, nature crisis,and mounting inequality
  • Driving ESG projects through three principles: multilateralism,multigenerationalism, and multidisciplinary

SCG Risk Management Committee 

  • Key risks: Climate change, health and safety, human rights, and pandemic and variants of COVID-19
  • Emerging risks: Rapid and severe changes in the business landscape, low-carbon economy, inefficient plastic waste management, and cyberthreats

SCG Sustainable Development Committee 

  • Management of ESG issues across the value chain for practical implementation and change leadership
  • Review of materiality and integration into business strategies
  • Engagement of national and international stakeholders, such as WBCSD, UNGC, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, TBCSD, the Federation of Thai Industries, The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand and government agencies

Governance and Economic Excellence Committee

  • Corporate governance, enterprise risk management, business ethics, and disclosure and transparency
  • Adaptations of businesses, strategies, investments, and activities in pursuit of a low-carbon economy and a transition towards target of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Environment Excellence Committee

  • Climate change and energy, eco-efficiency, and biodiversity and ecosystem
  • Circular economy, product stewardship, waste management, water management, and air quality management

Social Excellence Committee

  • Promotion of the health and safety of employees and contractors
  • Human rights and diversity and inclusion
  • Reduce Inequality

Climate Change and Energy Committee

  • GHG emissions inventory and reporting across the value chain
  • Establishing GHG reduction targets in accordance with science-based targets (SBT) and the Paris Agreement
  • Business risk and opportunity assessment according to an international framework (TCFD)

Circular Economy Committee

  • Formulation of strategies and plans, development of products, services, and solutions in accordance with the principles of circular economy
  • Fostering national and international collaborations

Workplace Safety Committee

  • Monitoring strategy implementation and driving the implementation of SCG Safety Frameworks in both Thailand and abroad
  • Reporting and analyzing root causes, trends, solutions, and preventive measures for scaling up

Transportation Safety Committee

  • Monitoring the implementation of short-, medium-, and long-term plans and expanding practices to abroad operations
  • Building collaborative networks with relevant parties at all levels across all sectors to promote transportation safety


Sustainable Development Framework