SCG adheres to the business philosophy “Belief in the value of individual” and continuously gives precedence to its employees who are valuable resources of the organization. SCG has the policy to take care of employees working conditions and welfare corresponding to their work, life, social environment, and good practices of the other leading organizations. Working conditions and welfare cover from working life start till their life after retirement.

Flexible working hours: SCG regulations allow SCG to assign flexible working days and working hours according to the nature of work of working positions as appropriate and have working hours policy for 8 hours per days (Excluding 1 hour break), for example, entering time 07:30 a.m., leaving work at 04:30 p.m. or entering time 08:30 a.m., finish work at 05:30 p.m., etc. The total working hours for the whole week do not exceed 48 hours. Each company can define flexible (overlap) hours to start and finish work within the entity as necessary in order to support the need of its employees.

Job revisit and redesign: Since 2020, SCG has implemented job revisit and redesign considering dimensions of both employee workplace and working hours and formed jobs into 4 groups;

  • Job group that has to work on-site and permanent full time
  • Job group that has to work on-site and could be able to assign flexible working hours or part-time work
  • Job group that could be able to work outside and permanent full time
  • Job group that could be able to work outside and could be able to assign flexible working hours or part-time work.

The result of job revisit and redesign makes the various form of working in SCG either working-on-site or working-from-outside or working-from-home, either working permanent full time or flexible working hours or part-time working options. However, the form of working is depended on the nature and necessity of work that has been appropriately considered by each business/ company.

Working-from-home arrangements: SCG allow working-from-home for some job groups and support the necessary facilities for its employees in several things starting from providing an online meeting and communication system, the mobile application for daily work report, etc.

Holiday and leave: SCG provides weekly holidays, traditional holidays, and vacation leave holidays. SCG regulation provides traditional holidays and vacation leave holidays to its employees over than the legal requirement. For leave, SCG provides sick leave, sick leave caused by work, sterilization leave, personal leave, military order leave, training and development leave, parental leave, monkhood leave, traveling abroad leave, and family care leave according to company regulation.

Paid parental leave for primary and non-primary caregiver: SCG provides paid parental leave either for primary or non-primary caregiver, female employee can take leave before and after giving birth for 90 working days which is paid for 90 days (almost 13 weeks) while male employee can take paid leave to taking care of his wife or his child for 3 working days. The leave is on top of normal paid vacation or other leaves and is over than the legal requirement.

Paid family or care leave: SCG provides paid family or care leave for employee who wish to taking care of spouse, child, parent, sibling or relative etc. This is separate from paid parental leave which is granted to parents who have a new child.

Medicare: SCG provides medical welfare to its employees including their families and their parents. Medical welfare covers both in and outpatient cases and also covers dental care. Employees can apply for medical welfare at government medical services, private medical services, and company-own healthcare services.

Having child benefits: SCG has the policy to take care of its employees when having their child and provides cash allowance benefits for its employees when they have a new child according to company regulation. SCG also has the policy to support childcare facilities or contributions. Each company or business could be able to provide childcare facilities or contributions as appropriate considering its area, the number of children, and the need of its employees. In addition, SCG also provides breast-feeding/lactation facilities in the building or area of each company or business in order to support and facilitate its employees.

Workplace stress management: SCG aims to help employees for having good mental wellness and be able to manage their stress level both work and non-work-related stress. Therefore, SCG has launched the Caring Check System, through which employees can make inquiries as well as disclose and exchange information about their mental health, the Doctor Anywhere System, which offers online consultation with psychiatrists and psychologists, and the consultation with psychiatrists that is provided and available for appointment at the Healthcare Center. Other mental wellness and workplace stress management activities are also provided consistently.

Sport & health initiatives: SCG has promoted the overall health of employees involving physical activity, mental well-being, and other health promoting activities. Such programs include SCG fitness facilities center, running track and exercise equipment, exercise classes, sport and health & fitness competition, Fit for Work Fit for Life program, health and nutrition classes, yearly physical examination program etc.

  • 90 Day Unleash Your Power: Employee’s health promotion by launching exercise challenge to collect calories and a chance to win a prize.
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  • NCDs Prevention Program: To raise awareness and improve personal behavior to prevent 4 Non-Communicable Diseases Namely Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia via 3 principles; Food, Exercise and Emotion.

Benefits after retirement: SCG provides welfare and benefits to its retired employees; provident fund benefits, medical services at company-own healthcare, training on how to have a better life and how to manage their financial and investment after retirement, and a “retirement employee club” for creating their relationship, activities, and engagement.