Digital technology and online media have changed consumers’ behavior and demand. SCG is committed to driving the organization to ensure its competitiveness in this new landscape, and striving to be the top brand customers think about. We apply SCG Marketing Way to strengthen our relationship with the customer and consumer, and to deliver experience creatively. 


  • SCG is the first brand that consumers think of whenever they want products and services in the same group that SCG is operating. 
  • Increase revenue from products and services sales on the basis of a strong relationship between the brand and customers. 
  • Overall customer satisfaction based on surveys via SCG Home Contact Center is 100%


1. Deliver a good experience by the innovation to customers and consumers. (B2B2C)
2. Offer an alternative “Best-Better-Good” consistent with the living consumers (B2C)


  • Analyze and monitor customer experiences, ranging from customer’s problems, needs, buying behaviors, and use of products, services, and solutions; including doing satisfaction surveys on products, services, and solutions.
  • Adopt digital technology to support services provided to business partners, suppliers and all customer groups.
  • Connect customer experience with online channels and service centers to ensure maximum service convenience and customer satisfaction.
  • Offer innovative products, services and solutions that deliver sustainable benefits to customers.

SCG actively develops its businesses in a comprehensive way and foster engagement with B2C customers via online platforms, including both websites and applications, which conveniently connect them to services. SCG also collaborates with B2B partners to generate new solutions that address customer needs and facilitate a transition to an eco-friendly business.

Developing high-quality post-consumer recycled resin packaging with customers who are working towards environmental goals

Developing packaging to meet B2B2C needs

Online Platforms for Consumers and Suppliers

Centers for product, service, and solution development

Customer Satisfaction