CPAC Green Solution (CBM)

CPAC Green Solution, a solution to improve Thai construction (CBM) by adopting digital technology to enable faster construction, reduce waste and be environmentally friendly.

The new construction innovation “3D Cement Printing” with the unique technology of using 3D Cement Printing Technology helps the construction of buildings into more complex forms or shapes, shorten working, time less labor, reduce waste at construction sites and launch CPAC 3D Modular House, an innovative prefabricated house designed and manufactured from CPAC 3D Printing Solution to be displayed as a room and have beautiful patterns which such construction is a new form called Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) at the factory with a comprehensive system and then install or assembling at the job site.

• CPAC BIM is the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology from construction planning, design and material selection, calculate energy consumption time management as well as surveying the job site in a virtual way using VR Walk Through technology and working on Collaboration Platform that enables designers, architects, engineers and contractors including the owner Visualize the structure, architecture and system work through 3D models at the same time before the actual construction to improves work efficiency.

• CPAC Drone Solution because the construction must be correct before starting to build. Area assessment innovation is therefore important. CPAC recognizes the importance of designing a solution that meets the needs. To fly on site surveys with drone flight technology with experts to bring the data to analyze and design a project plan shorten the survey time make construction mistakes to a minimum. The advantages of using CPAC Drone Solution to survey the work area are: Reduce survey time and construction errors, increase work safety in risk areas, optimize space utilization, high accuracy.

• Low-rise Building Solution, a comprehensive 8-story building construction service from CPAC Green Solution, a service that will help modern apartment business operators More comfortable in construction with complete services, finishing in one place with different strengths with the construction system with the whole precast structure. It helps the construction to be completed more than 40% faster than the conventional construction system, an innovative construction that is environmentally friendly. Reduce construction errors Help reduce waste or waste materials from construction.