CPAC Green Solution Towards Sustainable Pig Farming

CPAC Green Solution Towards Sustainable Pig Farming

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“Construction Industry” is a vital part driving national socio-economic development. Cement-Building Materials Business has therefore delivered Green Construction Solution that is environment friendly, maximizing the resource use, enhancing the precise selection of material use, reducing the construction period, cost-saving, and reducing generation of construction waste, air pollutions, PM2.5 and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Concrete Products and Aggregate Co., Ltd., CPAC, part of Cement-Building Materials Business presents Green Construction Solution under the brand CPAC Green Solution. CPAC Green Solution targets large-scale industry client, airport, shopping mall, residential complex, and expanding to agroindustry particularly livestock group that needs large animal houses such as pig farm. With this segment, the aim is to meet client’s need for good standard farm, with sound hygiene and eco-friendly as well as improving community quality of life.

Stress-Free Pig Farm Construction

Official data in 2021 counted 191,588 breeders tending to a total swine population of 13,101,176 heads across Thailand. These numbers are in line with increasing demand for pork consumption.

Among the breeders, small-scale and contract farm operators usually face numerous challenges in pig house construction projects. Problems they struggle with typically range from lacking the technical knowledge to build a proper pig house, shoddy quality of construction materials, overbudgeting, delay, contractors abandoning work, building materials waste, and regulatory hurdle of securing necessary permits.

Hearing feedbacks relating to pig house construction by breeders and operators has given CPAC insight into their real needs and CPAC is committed to applying its knowledge and experience coupled with application of CPAC Green Solution to solve problems in a holistic manner for pig farm. The result is CPAC Farm Solution that deals with steps starting from pig house design, pre and post construction work, along with the construction itself. This innovative solution transforms stressful challenge into a pleasant professional engagement experience among stakeholders: the farm owner, contractor, builder.

Pre-Construction Satisfaction

“Well begun is half done,” it is said, and the same goes for pig farm construction. CPAC Drone Solution handles preparation work by conducting a thorough survey of farm site with precise, relevant details of construction ground quality, elevation, wind direction, the surrounding, etc., producing data and evaluation to inform the pig house layout and design, to make the most out of utility space while minimizing mistakes during construction. In the next step, pig house is designed using

CPAC BIM featuring Building Information Modeling (BIM), an end-to-end construction project solution. It yields 3-dimensional projection of the architecture, structure, and systems work. This visualization brings stakeholders – designer, farm owner, contractors and builders- on the same page of every step of work from pre-construction on, so that inaccuracies or mistakes can be spotted early and joint planning to meet deadline.

Importantly, the solution can assess quantity of building materials and accurately project the volume required. This helps save cost to farm owner, reduces building materials waste compared to the traditional approach that typically procures “just-in-case” excess cushion in advance.

Confidence During Construction

Every project owner wishes to see construction work proceeding as planned without glitch, and to be reassured that the work meets terms of reference, on time, in budget. However, many times construction projects do not turn out that way.

CPAC Farm Solution builds the confidence and reassurance for the farm owner with systematic planning of steps and organized collective work. Tasks are divided as modularity, ranging from foundation work, piling, flooring, steel, systems work, interior and exterior work. For concrete work, the solution uses CPAC’s Precast technology with precast pieces delivered

from factory for onsite assembly. As a result, construction period is reduced, as are environmental impacts such as dust, noise, plus less generation of construction waste.

Systematic approach to construction helps guarantee quick finish, enabling business to start faster. Farm owners can also be confident because the construction crew consists of experienced skilled workers, complying with work safety standards, who make sure that work is done as planned, to standard and within budget.

Besides, the farm owner can virtually watch the crew at work and monitor progress on daily or weekly basis through monitoring and evaluation APPS using CCTV.

Post-Construction Satisfaction

Pig farm construction work is achieved twice the speed of usual time required. This means more than just days saved for farmers as it is translated into less interest payment for loans because farmers can speed up cycle of swine breeding. With the speed achieved, farmers can raise two batches of pigs in the first year, so their revenue can be generated faster.

CPAC Farm Solution allows for pig farm construction to be completed within 3 months, compared with 6 months by legacy approach. On top of that the finished product is of higher quality, delaying maintenance costs farmers have to pay in the future.

At present, more than 20 swine breeding farms have commissioned CPAC to build a total of 109 pig houses in central region of Thailand. This is translated into livelihoods support to communities in the range of 310 million baht.

Miss Kwanchat Aim-oonjit is an entrepreneur in Chainat Province who never owns a pig farm before shared her experience working with CPAC.

“CPAC helped us to complete work on schedule, so we can promptly invest in the sows, turning in revenue faster and we have a standard farm that keeps the pig healthy, yielding good quality pork that market wants. With CPAC Farm Solution, we don’t have to go through the pains of negotiating prices with contractors, the headache of builders abandoning work. In the future, if we are to expand our business, we will certainly turn to CPAC again.”

Miss Lookpla Saengrussami, another operator in Chainat, already has 2 pig houses but she wants to add 6 more for a capacity to 1,200 each. On CPAC Farm Solution experience, she said:

“In the past our contract-farming partners had doubts about our capacity. Now those partners accept and recognize our farm, confident that our farm meets quality standard for pigs to live happily with improved hygiene, and free from outside contamination. As a result, earnings of our farm increase. Moreover, we received supports from CPAC, from financing, to construction, material, equipment and crew. All problems were resolved.”

CPAC Farm Solution has teams to provide post-construction advice and services to reassure pig farmers and operators of holistic care.

Community Happiness

Besides raising standard of animal house construction towards Smart Farm with green construction technology, CPAC Farm Solution aims at forging an Eco-Partners’ Network among key stakeholders including construction contractors, builders, workers, farm equipment vendors at local level as part of community sustainability.

Local contractors and builders working with CPAC have been selected for their skills and commitment to work together. They receive skills training on reading of construction design, work according to building standards, quality inspection. These allow them to work till completion without rectification, while safety is ensured by CPAC compliance resulting in less work hours but higher earning.

For Boonchan Pha-phumma, a local builder in Ayutthaya province, throughout 2020 at the peak of covid-19 pandemic, he had a total of one pig farm commissioning. Later, his contractor friends introduced him to join CPAC Eco-Partners Network. In 2021, he was able to take commissioning of four pig houses, earning him 1.6 million baht.

“The good things about partnering with CPAC are that I get paid on time, no fear of default, and opportunities to improve myself and skills of my crew. We feel safe at work because CPAC standards are demanding. There are less requests to correct mistakes. There’s a quality inspection team to assist us, coordinating with clients. That way, we get works done faster, can take more commissions. Also building materials are delivered on schedule, no need to wait.” Mr. Boonchan shared benefits of eco-partnership with CPAC.

Social Contribution

CPAC Farm Solution has turned pig farm construction around, making it stress-free with innovation and technology with the commitment of its team and Eco-Partners’ Network to deliver benefits to all stakeholders.

Helping farm owners to reduce building material waste by 10-15%, achieve value for money as construction period is shortened from 6 months to 3 months, so pig farmers can turn in revenue 20% faster.

Helping contractors and builders to earn 10% more, advancing their skills, reducing rectification points, working faster, less interest burden and ability to take up more workload in view of shorter-time delivery. Building Eco-Partners’ Network that contributes to community livelihood.

Helping delivery of quality construction work, extending life cycle, reducing resource required for future maintenance.

Reducing dusts during construction, cutting GHG emissions from pig farm construction activities through use of SCG Green Choice such as SCG Hybrid Cement that has the property to reduce GHG emissions from its production process at least 50 kg per ton of cement.

We deliver happiness to green farm that contributes to the environment, society, and global sustainability.