SCG HVAC Air Scrubber

SCG HVAC Air Scrubber, an innovative waste air treatment (CBM) waste air treatment system and reducing the cooling load of the air conditioning system. To reduce energy consumption, raise building standards to sustainable energy-saving buildings

Product / Solution and Function:

Innovations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy consumption, reduce the use of natural resources. It also helps people who live in the building to have good health from internal air treatment. SCG HVAC Air Scrubber has two strengths:

• Reduce outdoor air intake (Reducing Outdoor Air Intake), thereby reducing the cooling load of the air conditioner. This makes it possible to save energy by 20-30% compared to conventional building air conditioning systems. To reduce the amount of electricity and electricity costs in the cooling of the air conditioning system. This often accounts for the highest percentage of every building’s energy expenditure.

• Reduce air pollution (Reducing Air Pollution) to keep the indoor air clean. With SCG HVAC Air Scrubber technology through innovation that can absorb more than 30 gaseous toxic substances such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Formaldehyde (HCHO), Carbon Monoxide (CO). , or radon improves the health of people who work or live in that building, which in conventional air conditioning systems use ventilation only (Ventilation Only)

Outcome/Impact : SCG HVAC Air Scrubber, in addition to helping build confidence for people who use the building services. There is also a direct benefit to operators or building staff. because it can help reduce costs This makes it possible to save a lot of monthly and yearly costs in terms of the adjustment and ventilation system. This means your business will be able to reach break even faster in 0-3 years for new buildings and around 3-5 years for current buildings. It also helps the building Achieve higher Green Building Standards (LEED Certified), Building Health Standards (WELL Certified) without increasing the cost of construction or renovation. (Compared to the process of requesting a score in the same section) which will result in higher productivity, health of employees, building staff and people living inside the building. It is considered an HVAC Industrial Game Changer that has been ASHRAE Innovation award product of the year in 2019 Which ESG answer: E