Transitioning towards the low-carbon business

SCG incorporates principles of circular economy into the entire value chain, from the stage of designing, procurement, manufacturing, sales and transport, usage up to recycling. It also maximizes the utilization of finite energy and natural resources throughout the value chain through reduction, reuse, and recycling, as well as by using alternative energy and minimize waste to maximize value for stakeholders.

Resource efficiency,
reduction of
greenhouse gas
emissions, energy
waste management,
commitment to
conservation and
ecological balance.

Placing importance
on people, employees,
suppliers, contractors,
communities, and
stakeholders and
fostering collaboration
with all sectors during
crises to reduce
social inequality
and create fairness.

Good corporate
regulatory compliance,
risk management,
and protection of interests.

Resource and Raw Material Management
SCG reduces upstream consumption of resources and raw materials
through the research and development of renewable energy,
reduction of raw material consumption, and increasing the proportion
of material recovery according to principles of circular economy.

Innovation and Solution Development
SCG has strived to the research and development of innovation and
technologies in order to develop products, services, and solutions that
meet the needs of its consumers and are eco-friendly through the
entire process, from designing, procurement, production, sale and
transportation, all the way to usage and reuse.

Production Management
SCG seeks to enhance its production process, minimize the pollution and
waste generated, including wastewater, greenhouse gases, and air pollution,
as well as employ technology to regularly monitor, control, and assess
the quality of the waste generated.

Use of Products
SCG promotes the use of products that are manufactured with reduced energy and water
consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, have extended lifespans, are recyclable,
contribute to health and good quality of life, and are given certified labels.

Material Recirculation for Production
SCG fosters collaboration with all sectors, including government agencies, private businesses,
academia, the media, and communities, to bring about integrated waste management
and generate economic value through recirculation of waste for reuse.