Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Policy and Structure

In 2017, SCG has revisited the management structure of the SCG Sustainable Development Committee in order to align and integrate management of sustainability into core business strategy and plan. As a result, the new governance structure comprises three dimensions, Social Dimension, Environmental Dimension, and Economic Dimension. The core committees or working groups will regularly meet on a quarterly basis.

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Sustainable Development Strategy

SCG adheres to conducting its business with ethics, and responsibility to all stakeholders. SCG has set its Sustainable Development Framework to lead business in harmony with economy, society and the environment underneath corporate governance.

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SCG manages its sustainability issues by collecting and prioritizing them in connection to their relationship with business operations. We also take into account issues arising from risk assessment of current and projected risks.

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Risk Management

With SCG Enterprise Risk Management, we can adapt promptly to rapid changes and increasingly complex and intense risk factors, leading to value-add to the organization and stakeholders.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Along with the changing of the society, environment, and business conditions, stakeholders are more complicated and carry higher expectations. SCG has always paid close attention to the engagement of stakeholders and offer them long-term value added.

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