Risk Management

Effective enterprise risk management contributes to achievements of business goals, ensures SCG’s ability to adapt to changes, and enables capturing of business opportunities, response to changing customer needs, and coping with uncertainties.

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Value Chain Management

For SCG, sustainability in the supply chain from upstream to downstream is essential to its sustainable business operations. Therefore, it creates Sustainable Value towards suppliers.

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Product Stewardship

SCG places full emphasis on creating and developing well-being and environmentally friendly products, services and solutions to meet consumers’ needs with the responsibility under the Circular Economy principle.

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Technological breakthrough The increasing number of payments As a result, the world is facing many crises, including global warming, pollution, natural disasters and resource shortages.

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SCG Sustainable Construction

SCG develops our products for Sustainable Construction to deliver the best benefit to our customer and all alliance by providing precious product’s quality with environmental-friendly and healthy-concerned throughout Green & Well-Being building.

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Customer Experience

Customer needs are varied and diverse, and must be responded fully and properly. Online social media has become the customers’ most favorite platform to communicate and share feedback on products and services. Digital technology has important role for business.

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