Environment and Climate Policy

With commitment to be a regional business leader focusing on innovation and sustainability. SCG realized the importance of environmental and climate management as key drivers in sustainable growth of our business.

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Climate Resilience and Energy

As global warming and climate-related impact intensify, it is such an urgency that all sectors must step up and make efforts to implement greenhouse gas emissions reduction target according to the Paris Agreement.

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Water Management

The main challenge in water resources management stems from climate change which causes unseasonal and erratic patterns of rainfalls.

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Waste Management

SCG adheres to Circular Economy principles in waste management, placing emphasis on research and development (R&D) to reuse/recycle and add value to waste.

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Air Quality Management

SCG is mindful of the significance in eradicating air pollution from stacks. SCG has used the best available technology and provided continuous air quality monitoring via Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems to ensure precautions against any risk.

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Stakeholders now have high expectations on environmental management. And with stricter laws governing environment and bio resources conservation both nationally and internationally, absence of sound Biodiversity guideline is likely to impact SCG’s business in the future.

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