SCG’s Green Mining A Mining Model For Sustainable Coexistence of Community and Environment

Green Mining is SCG’s mining approach under the philosophy of “Where there is a plant, there is a green forest.” The mining practices incorporate SCG’s sustainable development guidelines and circular economy into operational and environmental management in alignment with legal requirements and international practices to preserve natural resources and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

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Energy and Climate Change

SCG has been preparing, and building our resilience to withstand the impact of energy and climate change which change rapidly. To do so, we have initiated many practices, products and services towards sustainable low carbon economy.

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Water Management

Water resources in Thailand are limited. Due to the expansion of industry, urbanization and the changes in environmental conditions result in an conflict among different sectors, SCG has applied criteria for risk assessment of the water usage by considering the water withdrawal for production must not exceed 5% of the water source volume to prevent the risk of impact to the community.

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Material Use and Waste Management

SCG has applied 3Rs – reduce, reuse/recycle and replenish for industrial waste management with the intention to mitigate ecological impact and create opportunity in making waste valuable throughout the supply chain.

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Air Quality Management

SCG is mindful of the significance in eradicating air pollution from stacks. SCG has used the best available technology and provided continuous air quality monitoring via Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems to ensure precautions against any risk.

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Stakeholders now have high expections on environmental management. And with stricter laws governing environment and bio resources conservation both nationally and internationally, absence of sound
Biodiversity guideline is likely to impact SCG’s business in the future

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